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           The company has been operating since the 1980s to cope with the newly built residential developments of real estate developers and all fire protection, heat insulation, fireproof and soundproofing supply and installation of wooden doors for commercial buildings. The projects include various floors, kitchen cabinets and furniture.


           The main customers are local developers and some government projects. The company has always adhered to the principle of “quality products and commitment to the owners”. This has resulted in great confidence in the products and management of the company. The company is very pleased with the important partners and designated contractors of their company.


           Due to the high concentration of Hong Kong's population, the government is very strict with regard to fire prevention, heat insulation and smoke separation. Fire door suppliers must pass the test of BS EN 1634-1&3 to pass all fire door projects. The company has all the above. All required certificates were successfully tested in January 2015 for 2 hours of fire prevention, heat insulation, installation and installation, single cover and double door and double hour fire protection on both sides of the switch, soundproof door. For the time being, it is only very good in Hong Kong. Small companies have such certificates of competency.


           In recent years, domestic production workers have doubled their social security wages and increasingly strict environmental protection requirements, which has led to a sharp increase in production costs. Therefore, the Shunde plant under the Division has undergone major reforms in 2014, investing huge sums of money to replace the old aging equipment and implement wood production. Mechanization, water-based oiling is fully automated, production costs are greatly reduced, and more importantly, production workers can reduce 1/2 and increase production value, so that advanced equipment can replace production workers, and workers' technology can be better, so that the quality of products is more Guarantee.


         The size and quality of the wooden doors are increasing. The company has to keep up with the time to build a high-quality product factory with 150 sets of Nissan. It will greatly enhance the competitiveness of the company, so that the company's products will become "customers never The choice of regrets is for the purpose. Since 2015, the projects operated by the company (see attached page) have been highly evaluated by the owners and the repossessing company. The frontline management work has also been well received by the construction company, so that the major construction companies believe that the company is They are the ideal partners for cooperation. (Please refer to the evaluation of the company by the construction company and Zhan Jin's inspectors. The achievements of the company in the past three years are only a kind of encouragement and encouragement to the company. One project is more than one project. Good is the goal of the company!


    The company sincerely invites your company to visit and provide valuable advice and guidance to the company's construction site and Guangdong Shunde factory. It can be given to the driver's association and hope to become a partner of your company in the future.


    Walsunion Industries Ltd.

    Mr. Chau Yu Keung